CFV: comp.os.linux.embedded (2nd/final notice!)

John C. Peterson jaypee at
Sat Jun 17 03:56:43 EST 2000

   An official "Call for Votes" (CFV) is currently in progress for the
creation of the unmoderated USENET group: comp.os.linux.embedded (the
discussion of the Linux operating system on embedded hardware). The
vote is being conducted by a neutral third party.

   Please accept my apolgies for not re-posting the CFV here, but the
guidelines for the voting process strictly *prohibits* this. The CFV,
which contains instructions on how to cast your vote, can be obtained
from the following USENET groups;


An archived copy of the original CFV can be found on at:

If you don't have have access to USENET, you can also obtain a copy of
the CFV from the volunteer vote taker; Dave Cornejo <dave at>.
Everyone with a for/against opinion is encouraged to vote!

Best Regards, John Peterson (Proponent)

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