FADS 823

Navin Boppuri nboppuri at myiagent.com
Fri Jun 16 20:56:38 EST 2000

I have the 8xxrom boot code compiled and ready for the fads 823 board. I
installed the ADI card in my host machine and installed the mpc8bug software
from motorola as per the instructions. But when I try running the mpc8bug,
it gives me an error 'Failed to initialize application error(0xc0000005)'. I
dont know what the problem is. I rechecked the installation instructions
again and again but it doesnt see to work. When I tried running winmsd  and
looked at the properties for the adi board, I did not see any input
addresses assigned? The jumper setting are configured to use 0x100 . Can
someone help?

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