Changes in the MPC8xx I2C driver

Dan Malek dan at
Sat Jun 10 03:13:00 EST 2000

Kim Jørgensen wrote:

> I have made some changes in the MPC8xx I2C driver, mainly adding write
> support and making the driver re-entrant.

Looks pretty good.  I will add it to kernel sources.

> I don't use the minor number for the device address,

Did you investigate the Linux I2C implementation?  I never did, but
perhaps it would be worthwhile to make this look like that at least
to an application.

> I have removed all of the microcode relocation code in the driver, as I
> couldn't make the driver work with this code and I had no need for applying
> the patch.

That is fine.  I could never make it work either.  I have had some
discussions with others about this, but no solution yet.

> I made some clumsy code for converting offset to internal address, maybe
> some one can tell me how to make this in a simpler way?

The challenge is some devices need this address, others don't.  What
you have seems fine.  After we use it for a while maybe we can find
something better.


	-- Dan

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