Embedded Perl

Jim Chapman jim.chapman at iname.com
Fri Jun 9 01:55:46 EST 2000

Have you looked at the GoAhead embedded web server? It's in the HardHat
distribution. It's intended for small memory footprint requirements and seems
to have mechanisms to do CGI-style stuff without needing perl.

See www.goahead.com


Grant Erickson wrote:

> In a target system I was planning on running Perl scripts as a means to
> accomplish a lot of tasks, particularly for driving CGI scripts for
> web-based management. However, it has since dawned on me that an
> installation of Perl is HUGE (12+ MB).
> Has anyone had any experience getting PERL shoehorned into an embedded
> environment? How trim were you able to make Perl?
> Thanks,
> Grant Erickson

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