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Thu Jun 8 03:40:41 EST 2000

Bright Star's ipEngine, using an 823, has SMC1 and SMC2 also.
When used with their pKernel, both serial ports are available.
When used with Linux, only SMC1 is available.
I noticed it, and thought it might be easy to fix, but
that's not important to me, since I only use the ipEngine for prototyping.
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> Grant Carter wrote:
> > When I look at my manuals, I see no reference made to the
> bits 20 and 21
> > in pbpar, pbdir or pbodr. How does setting those bits
> enable the SMC2
> > pins? Those are located in Port A (PA8 and PA9)
> >
> > I guess my point is why are the Port B registers being
> modified for SMC2
> > pins which are found in Port A?
> Oh oh......are you using an 823 or 850?  Sorry about this, you will
> have to change the code.  Someday, I have to finish up a better UART
> driver.  You are the first person I know that is trying to use this
> as a UART.  SMC2 is the first thing to disappear when using the parts
> for other data communication protocols or interfaces, so custom
> software tends to assign these for other purposes.  I seldom
> see anything
> but SMC1 used for a UART, so making the driver better hasn't been
> high on the list......
> 	-- Dan

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