Dan Malek dan at
Thu Jun 8 03:05:27 EST 2000

Grant Carter wrote:

> When I look at my manuals, I see no reference made to the bits 20 and 21
> in pbpar, pbdir or pbodr. How does setting those bits enable the SMC2
> pins? Those are located in Port A (PA8 and PA9)
> I guess my point is why are the Port B registers being modified for SMC2
> pins which are found in Port A?

Oh oh......are you using an 823 or 850?  Sorry about this, you will
have to change the code.  Someday, I have to finish up a better UART
driver.  You are the first person I know that is trying to use this
as a UART.  SMC2 is the first thing to disappear when using the parts
for other data communication protocols or interfaces, so custom
software tends to assign these for other purposes.  I seldom see anything
but SMC1 used for a UART, so making the driver better hasn't been
high on the list......

	-- Dan

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