Latest linux-ppc sources & access method?

Steve Tarr tarr at
Wed Jun 7 07:44:29 EST 2000

I'll put a plug in for Monta Vista. Pay the bucks for support and
let them keep tabs. Harrass them. This world moves too fast and I have
better things to do... like code a new driver. You know, fun stuff.

cheers --

PS - I've had probems with our firewall and bitkeeper.

"Dan A. Dickey" wrote:
> Hi,
> just checking to see where the latest sources are at
> (Monta Vista or FSMLabs?) and the access method that
> people use to get them.  Do people generally just ftp
> or http a tgz file?  Of course, the preferred method
> is BitKeeper; and following that anonymous CVS.
> Can someone let me know where the bitkeeper daemon
> for linuxppc development lives at?  And whatever
> information I need to know in order to clone a
> repository.  (Yes, I have bitkeeper and have been
> using it; it works well).  If someone would like
> to fill in the holes, please let me know about cvs
> access as well - at various places.  I'll summarize
> and repost whatever information I'm able to gather,
> for the record.
>         -Dan

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