Linux 8xx Crash when I tried complex operation... (Linux 8xx reliable?)

Patrick Lerda Lerda at
Tue Jun 6 17:32:40 EST 2000

I've tried to compile linux 2.2.13 8xx with itself, the compilation start
slowly, and
after some times it crashs randomly after some operation. The NIP is always
the same, it points in the file, but the content of this
address displayed
after a crash is wrong: *NIP=0, and generate a Floating point emulation, and
linux crash.
The 8xx board I use have only 32MB of memory and no swap. I don't
know if this problem come from a lack of memory, or a complex page recovery
After turning the 8xx cache the problems goes on... It's not probably
related to libc cache line

If you can do complex operation like this without problem or if you have the
same problem,
let me know...

Patrick LERDA

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