fec on 8260

Dan Malek dan at netx4.com
Tue Jun 6 06:44:57 EST 2000

"Dayton, Dean" wrote:

> I'm assuming that it wouldn't be a huge undertaking to port the 860 FEC
> driver, but if someone has already done it ...;-)

I'm working on the FCC driver right now.  I made a huge change to the
8xx FEC driver to generically support different PHYs, so I thought I
would get that one working again and then use it as a baseline for the
8260 FCC.  Of course, this also means I have to make 2.4.xx work
correctly on the 8xx so I can test it.  I may just bail on that and
get the more simple FCC driver running.  What PHYs are people using?

I'll post a message as soon as I get something close to working.

	-- Dan

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