CFV: comp.os.linux.embedded

John C. Peterson jaypee at
Tue Jun 6 04:39:09 EST 2000

   An official "Call for Votes" (CFV) is currently in progress for the
creation of the unmoderated USENET group: comp.os.linux.embedded (the
discussion of the Linux operating system on embedded hardware). The
vote is being conducted by a neutral third party.

   Please accept my apolgies for not re-posting the CFV here, but the
guidelines for the voting process strictly prohibits this. The CFV,
which contains instructions for how to cast your vote, has been
posted to the following USENET groups;


If you don't have have access to USENET, you can also obtain a copy of
the CFV from the volunteer vote taker; Dave Cornejo <dave at>.
Please look for the CFV on USENET if you have access. Everyone with a
for/against opinion is encouraged to vote.

Regards, John Peterson (Proponent)

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