HardHat libraries for embedded systems

Jason Wohlgemuth jwohlgem at usa.net
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Look on the embedded ftp site for a minroot tarball.  That would be a good
guideline for which libraries you need.  About the make config, I believe
the RPX classic and RPX lite are two different boards made by embedded
planet, I don't think the "lite" implies a smaller kernel or set of
libaries, so if I were you, I would stick with your current working kernel
config and try to put together a minroot similiar the the tarball.

Hope that helps,

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Hi All,
I am trying to make a ramdisk.image to burn in flash on an 860 using the
hardhat 2.2.13-7. I get errors can't load libc.so.6. What libraries do I
need and how do I make them small enough?

Also, do I make config and switch to RPX Lite to build my kernel or stick
with RPX Classic and just the options I need?

Thanks in advance. This is a great users group!


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