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Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Jul 28 06:21:49 EST 2000

Hi Mike,

in message < at> you wrote:
> I'm trying to get a 2.3 kernel working on an RPX-LITE board.  After a bunch
> of guesswork, I got it to compile.  A good number of hte things I disabled
> can probably be re-enabled now, but that isn't the problem.  It now
> compiles OK, but when I download it to the board and run it, I get no
> output whatsoever.

Do you have any indication  how  far  it  comes?  Do  you  have  kgdb
working, or a good BDM debugger (i. e. one with MMU support)?

> Has anyone successfully ran a 2.3 kernel on one of these boards?

It depends on what you mean with 2.3; it's just two days that I  have
2.4.0-test5  running  stable  on  TQM8xxL boards. This is the _first_
kernel after 2.3.18 that ever ran for me on a MPC8xx. And  even  this
is  only  when  you  fix cache problems in string.S (either by simply
replacing the file with the version from 2.2.13, or by applying Dan's

Sorry, I don't have any RPX boards here to test, but  I  have  tested
three  systems  (2  x 850 and a 860), two of them under > 24 h stress
tests (with things like compiling the linux kernel  on  the  target),
and I had not a single problem since.

In  case  you're  interested  -  I've  put  my  patches  against  the
2.4.0-test5  BitKeeper  sources on our FTP server (the "COMMON" patch
includes all I neded to change for TQM8xxL  support  to  the  current
kernel;  the "TQM" patch is probably of little interest since this is
just needed when you use the old TQ monitor instead of PPCBOOT):


Wolfgang Denk

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