Req. help about SCC2 and SCC3 as ethernet.

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> How do you know that is where it stops?

We are currently using remote GDB with abatron BDI2000. In console_serial_write function, this function can't return any character....

> With SCC3, you are now
> trying to configure Port B, which is also used for the SMC1 configuration.
> Perhaps the console and kernel are working fine, and you just messed up
> the I/O pins for SMC1.

All pin assignments are correct, and during setting port B, we checked the pbpar,pbdir,pbodr also. nothing changed.

> You will also need to make source code changes to enet.c, as it doesn't
> have a standard set of instructions for configuring port B as Ethernet
> control/data pins.

We've changed all port configurations.
> -- Dan

Do you have any code which enables SCC3 for ethernet on 850SAR?

Thank you

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