getting ppcboot source.

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Fri Jul 21 03:27:10 EST 2000

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>         I have gone to sourceforge and found the source for ppcboot. The
> problem is I cannot find a single tar file to down load. Do I have to down
> load each file individualy?

You can use CVS to "checkout" a copy of the whole tree. See the CVS docs.

You can find a tarball here:

I will keep putting  tarballs  to  our  FTP  server,  but  if  you're
interested  in brand-new, completely untested stuff (versus the beta,
little tested in the tarball :-) you should get the sources from  the
CVS server.

>         Many Thanks to the Linux Gods.

Um... I'm no God, nor do I want to be one. But thanks anyway :-)

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