Anybody knows about MPC8260VADS Rev.ENG?

Cal Erickson cal_erickson at
Fri Jul 21 00:38:41 EST 2000

The rev.eng means you have an engineering release of the
cpu. These are parts that have been sent out for pre-release

The 8260 is part of the PowerQUICCII Integrated PowerPC Processor
family. The following URL will give information on the processor and
point you to the documents you are seeking.,1250,MPC8260~M98657,00.html


Cal Erickson

jinoung at wrote:

> Hi
> I have a MPC8260VADS Rev.ENG board.
> I could not find the manual for the board in Motorola site.
> Anybody knows about this board?
> Regards
> Jinoung

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