Do I shoot myself in the foot first or HEAD.S?

Graham Stoney greyham at
Wed Jul 19 11:30:06 EST 2000

Hi Conn,

I'll have a shot at the ones I know about:

clark at writes:
>         Any tips for a new guy? I just about ready to start trying to port
> linux to our custom MPC850 board.

You mentioned head.S; you shouldn't need to modify it at all. We didn't on our
custom 855T design.

> 1. Is there a FAQ or Doc on porting the kernel to a new design? (please mail
> or direct me to it)

There's the HOWTO at:

> 3. What do I need to do in the ROM before jumping to HEAD.S other than
> programming the ram timmings in the UPM( I assume HEAD.S is where everything
> starts )?

I suggest porting PPCBOOT to it rather than starting from scratch yourself.


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