Linux-2.4.0-test4 - problems in memory management?

Pavel Roskin proski at
Wed Jul 19 10:15:22 EST 2000


> If I boot Linux-2.4.0-test4 on RPX/Lite and try to "cat" a file I'm
> getting a "Bad address" error for some files. Writing, executing and
> low-level reading are Ok. In fact, I have to use "init=/bin/sh" to boot
> the kernel, since init from Busybox cannot even read /etc/inittab

After going all the way down from fread() to __copy_tofrom_user() it
appears that the later is at fault. It fails to copy large amounts of data
(216 bytes is enough to be a problem) to the pages that have just been

Replacing arch/ppc/lib/string.S with the version from 2.2.13-7 fixes the
problem. Linux-2.4.0-test4 appears to be functional after that!!! Feel
free to test.

Of course, it would be nice to know what exactly is broken in
__copy_tofrom_user(). Maybe next evening :-)

Pavel Roskin

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