X-Server for 823?

ben bodley benb at m2tech.co.nz
Tue Jul 18 09:14:34 EST 2000

Paolo Scaffardi wrote:

> How can i run simple X applications on my MPC823 FADS?
> I'd like to enable S-Video output and to use the frame buffer X-Server...
> did anyone implement a X-server or a frame-buffer device for the 823?
> Thanx in advance..

we have an x-server running on 4xx core (ibm romeo stb chip), initially using
s-video output, but then modulated composite.. i'm afraid the framebuffer
source wont help you but i thought you might want to be aware of the flicker
problem of televisions..

we have implemented software flicker-free control, but this hogs cpu time, and
will be moving to a hardware flicker-free option in the near future.. we had
to patch the x-server to implement the flicker-free control and this is far
from optimal.. i would make sure either the fads board you are using is dammn
quick, or has built in hardware flicker-free filters..




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