network toolsl don't still work...

Steven Tarr tarr at
Fri Jul 14 00:30:31 EST 2000

Mr. Dickey ---

Please have an ice cream cone on me!  I thank you.

cheers --

NOTE  - and its various links need to be included in the

NOTE2 -  So, I have to add a library of >240K   so that I can get a simple network
                       application to function! The original function
getprotobyname() was 10 lines of C code.

"Dan A. Dickey" wrote:

> Kwansuk Kim wrote:
> >
> > Thanks for you cooperation.
> >
> > When I make soft link from /lib to /opt/.../lib, bash can read the library files.
> >
> > But ping program doesn't work yet.
> Check /etc/nsswitch.conf
>         -Dan

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