Why eth0 does not work

ben bodley benb at m2tech.co.nz
Thu Jul 13 14:12:13 EST 2000

xuwentao at cn.ibm.com wrote:

> Currently I only modify ppc4xx_pic_init() to init IRQ 20 and 26, which is
> used by
> ttys00 and eth0. That error occurs because my CPU is a ppc401 not a 405gp.
> I have exported /opt/hardhat/devkit/ppc/8xx/target_ftest4 according
> instructions from
> mvista. The output is broken into 2 lines.
> BTW, I disabled the loopback in the config file, and the msg "lo is down'
> still
> appears.
> I start the tcpdump at the server, I found that the server recieved many
> ARP packets
> issued from the linux box( looking for the server( It
> seems that
> the box can not resolve (can not read MAC addr, as Ben said).
> Xu Wentao
> IBM China Research Lab
> Tel:          (86-10)  62986677-216
> Internet:    xuwentao at cn.ibm.com

if you could send the tcpdump output that would help.. dont worry about the
'device lo is down' message, it wont effect any of your ethernet work.. i
think you will need to modify the board info struct, and get the proper mac
address from it.. maybe what is happening is you are configuring linux to use
a mac address different than the actual hardware setting??

also, have you set the io pins correctly?? the stb chip needs a lot of gpio
setting up to work properly.. you also need to configure the xilinx fpga's to
select input from the ethernet mac, etc..




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