-= MVME 2300 =-

Ben Sapp bsapp at lanl.gov
Thu Jul 13 04:59:25 EST 2000

Lionel TAILLURAT wrote:
> So I had decided to try the MVME2600 kernel image of Gabriel Paubert, this
> one don't boot (PC keyb error, there is no keyboard controller on the
> mvme2300! ).
> Seeing that, I try to compile a new kernel using the kernel patch created by
> Gabriel Paubert, and the second second problem appears !

I am using Gabriel's patches for the MVME2301  with out any problems.
You might try specifying "console=/dev/ttyS0"  when you get to the
bootlooader prompt.(remove the double quotes)

> 2- SCSI drivers.

I don't understand, the MVME 2300 series does not have a SCSI
controller.  Why do you want a SCSI driver?

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