network tools don't work

Dan A. Dickey ddickey at
Tue Jul 11 22:09:09 EST 2000

Kwansuk Kim wrote:
> After getting bash prompt, I determined wheather network is working, but it doesn't.
> It tells there is no protocol.
> ----------
> init-2.00# ./ifconfig lo
> Resolver Error 0 (no error)
> init-2.00# ping
> ping: unknown protocol icmp.
> init-2.00#
> Is something wrong?
> I used ramdisk root file system, and ramdisk image was obtained from (about 4Meg, library version is 1.99)

What is wrong is that there is no /etc/protocols file.
Try it:
	# mv /etc/protocols /etc/protocols.none
	# ping
	ping: unknown protocol icmp.
	# mv /etc/protocols.none /etc/protocols


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