IDE quirk

Jamie Guinan guinan at
Thu Jul 6 13:47:32 EST 2000

I've been tinkering with the IDE drive on my MBX board.
The path to the drive goes,

MPC821 <----> QSpan PCI Bridge <----> WinBond W83C553F <===> Drive

I have things semi-working, but there is a problem with writing
to the drive.  If I do a raw dump into /dev/hda, say using the
2.2.13 kernel "README" file,

  # dd if=README of=/dev/hda

(that file is about 26 blocks long (13k)) it *appears* to write fine,
but there is a problem.  If I read back 2MB of data, I will see what
I wrote,

# dd if=/dev/hda of=RES01 bs=1k count=2000

(examine on host NFS system)
00000000: 094c 696e 7578 206b 6572 6e65 6c20 7265  .Linux kernel re
00000010: 6c65 6173 6520 322e 322e 7878 0a0a 5468  lease 2.2.xx..Th
00000020: 6573 6520 6172 6520 7468 6520 7265 6c65  ese are the rele

but if I repeat the read, I see the following,

# dd if=/dev/hda of=RES02 bs=1k count=2000

00000000: 094c 0000 7578 0000 6572 0000 6c20 0000 ..
00000010: 6c65 0000 6520 0000 322e 0000 0a0a 0000  le..e ..2.......
00000020: 6573 0000 6172 0000 7468 0000 7265 0000

Every other halfword does not "stick" on the drive.  I confirmed this
by reading the data back with EPPCBug's "iop" command.  I believe that in
the first case above, the data was being read out of the drive cache
and/or Linux buffer cache so it looked fine, but after reading back 2MB
the drive cache (/Linux buffer cache) gets flushed so the real data is
being pulled in.  The drive cache is only 58KB.

Reading/writing sectors with "iop" works fine on this system under
EPPCBug (data sticks between cold boots), so I believe that the data
path is Ok.

So I'm trying to figure out what is preventing the data from "commiting"
to the hard drive under Linux.  I went as far as printk'ing the
bytes and register contents in


and everything looks fine just before it hits the disk with ide_outsw().

I'll keep digging, but if anyone knows any magic to get this to behave
properly, please share.  I'm going to look at PIO mode settings next...

  MontaVista 2.2.13 kernel with hacks to bring IDE alive.
  MontaVista CDK target image NFS root directory, /dev/hda* entries
    created manually.
  gcc version 2.95.2 19991024 (release), built from raw sources.

I can post test programs/debug output if that would help.  There
is just so much I figured I'd wait for some intial feedback before
posting any of it.


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