Problems with HardHat/NFS root filesystems

Tom Roberts tjroberts at
Thu Jul 6 00:33:32 EST 2000

I, too, had shared-library troubles with this.

My solution was to use the Suse PowerPC Beta distribution CDROM I
got as a door prize. I could not boot from the CDROM (no drive
on my board), but I did manually build up a disk filesystem by
starting from their initial root and then installing all of their
core RPMs on top of it. I ended up with a complete Linux system,
including gcc, gdb, etc., about 180 MB total. It works great for me.

	It is a great convenience to have the embedded board hosted
	on another Linux system which is the NFS fileserver for the
	board; they of course share all logins.

This board is a 200 MHz 750 with 64 MBytes SDRAM, so it is just a bit
bigger than most embedded systems. Now to get the other two CPUs

Tom Roberts	tjroberts at

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