Wireless Connection

Brett Lindsley Brett_Lindsley-ABL001 at email.mot.com
Wed Jul 5 22:59:51 EST 2000

I have a need to provide a wireless link between an Embedded Planet
RPX-Lite embedded system and a custom non-PowerPC system. My
requirements are:

1. Minimum data rate of 1 MBit/sec.
2. Source for the driver must be available.
3. The wireless link is not a "network" so the entire protocol stack
    is not necessary (and actually will not be used).

Does anyone have a suggested wireless network card that works
with the RPX-lite? More important, is the source for the driver available?
The source is very important because I need to port it to a *non-Linux*
environment on a specialized non-PowerPC embedded device.
In terms of a "driver" all I really need is the ability to send/receive
directly on top of the network MAC.

I have extensively investigated 802.11 and 802.11b but details on the
network cards have been too thin to determine how to develop a simple
driver for them. My development group is in the middle of the Linux/MPC823
learning curve as this is our first project using the RPX-lite board and

Brett Lindsley, Research Engineer
Motorola Corporate Research & Development Labs

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