-Ttext for Kernel

Kwansuk Kim kskim at neowave.co.kr
Mon Jul 3 22:08:26 EST 2000

Successfully, I decompressed the kernel, and after decompress_kernel fuction, the instruction pointer is changed to 0x0000 000c, the start point of decompressed kernel.

But, after that machine check exception is appeared, because IP is 0xc000 XXXX. (which I do not use.)

I saw the makefile then I found that one of the link options for the kernel is '-Ttext 0xc000 0000'.

I know it means linker links the objects from address 0xc000 0000. I think it should be 0x0000 0000, because the kernel is decompressed from address 0x0000 0000 and the headers are used exception handler (e.g. 0x100 is used for reset)

Should I change the address to 0x0000 0000 or do something else?

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