On-Chip-Debugging for MPC 860 ?

Graham Stoney greyham at research.canon.com.au
Tue Feb 29 16:45:21 EST 2000

> Graham Stoney wrote:
> > GDB support for PowerPC BDM under Linux isn't yet available.....

Dan Malek writes:
> The HMI BMDs for 8xx/5xx/4xx series work just fine with GDB on any
> host platform.  There are many others supported as well, just
> take a look at all of the remote-* devices in the GDB sources.

Which remote device do the HMI BMDs interface to?  I can't see any mention
of them in the latest gdb snapshots on sourceware.  The only remote- device
I can see which supports PowerPC BDM is the Macraigor one in ppc-bdm.c. This
uses ocd.c, which which relies on Macraigor's WIGGLERS.DLL and hence will
only run under Windows. I'm getting desperate though, so if anyone knows of a
pre-built gdb which supports the Macraigor Raven, please let me know, even if
it only does runs under Windoze.


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