LinuxPPC2000 on MPC860

Ruedi.Hofer at Ruedi.Hofer at
Thu Feb 24 21:01:00 EST 2000


I recently donwloaded the LinuxPPC_2000_lite CD from the page.

Included in this distribution are the libc6 libs, of which I thought, would be nice to have
on my embedded ADS860.
(Having these libs running on my board, I would be able to cross build an application using
shared libs. So far I have libc5 on my PPC target, but cross libc6 on my i386 host)

Unfortunately, right after booting the kernel, it hangs in an infinite loop. I guess that loading fails.... (Just a guess, don't know how to debug that.)


1. Did someone try LinuxPPC 2000 on MPC860? experience??

2. Should this libc6 work theoretically on MPC860?

3. Does the kernel know something about the dyn. linker ld? Do I have to recompile or
    patch the kernel??

4. Does someone have the cross compiler for the old libc5 ready on the i386 host?

Cheers, Ruedi

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