mpc8xx-2.2.13 kernel hangs during boot.

dony dony.he at
Thu Feb 17 22:05:50 EST 2000

Hi, Brendan:
       Have you solved your 2.2.13 kernel problem hanging yet?
       Now I have the similar problem as you.
       First I cross-compile the kernel under the following environment:
          [binutils-] [egcs-1.1.2] [glibc-2.1(including crypt and
      Then the kernel can run correctly and don't hang.
      Then I destroy all above environment and rebuild my new environment:
              [binutils-] [gcc-2.95.2] [gcc-core-2.95.2]
              [glibc-2.1.2(including crypt and linuxthreads)]
       and recompile my kernel. This time it hangs when showing "Now booting
the kernel..."
Anyone knows why?
Thank you very much.

Brendan John Simon wrote:

> Dan Malek wrote:
> > > ....  It was suggested to me that the UPM was probably incorrect and
> > > that's why it fails with the caches enabled.
> >
> > I was the one that probably suggested that.  If all of the
> > memory mapping is correct (IMMR > 0xd0000000, and such) this
> > is usually where I start looking, since the code is known to
> > operate on other platforms.
> I based my port on the BSEIP board as it is the simplest.
> The IMMR is at 0xff000000 and all peripherals are mapped above 0x80000000
> except for DRAM which is mapped at 0x00000000.
> > > ....  I have tried with 4 different UPM settings for a 25MHz bus
> > > with 60ns EDO DRAM.
> >
> > Although others may be more talented, I have never been able
> > to program the UPM without the actual DRAM specifications,
> > schematics and a logic analyzer connected to the processor bus.
> > Guessing at UPM values is kind of like playing the lottery.
> I think I have to agree with you :(
> > > ....  Is there anything else the kernel expects to be setup
> > > ?
> >
> > Not much.  Obviously the DRAM must be configured because the
> > kernel is loaded there.  Beyond that it just reads the IMMR
> > and maps it.
> I didn't think so.  The embedded-2.2.5 kernel works fine with the same
> bootloader.  I forgot to mention the the embedded-2.2.5 kernel is compiled
> with binutils- and the mpc8xx-2.2.12 kernel is
> compiled with binutils-  I'm not sure if it makes any
> difference.  I'm recompiling the embedded-2.2.5 kernel with my new tools to
> see if that makes any difference ?  The embedded-2.2.5 does not having an
> floating point emulation where as the mpc8xx-2.2.13 does.  I will also try
> without the floating point emulation patches to see if that makes any
> difference.
> > > How can I tell where it is failing ?  I don't think I can use printk as
> > > the console is not setup yet.  Is this correct ?
> >
> > Here is a hint.  Look at the symbol table from and
> > convert the address of log_buf to a physical address (mask the
> > upper couple of bits).  Dump this area of memory, as all of the
> > printk() messages end up in this buffer before they are sent to
> > the console.
> How can I look at this memory area ?  With a BDM debugger ?  I thought BDM
> can't be used.
> Can a serial debugger be used ?
> > > Getting a little desperate now.
> >
> > Are those ready-for-production boards looking any better yet :-)?
> > The world is passing you by........
> No pain, no gain :)
> Yes I know the off the shelf boards will get me going on the application
> sides of things, but I still need to get it running on our custom board/s
> too.
> Brendan Simon.

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