initrd question...

dony dony.he at
Wed Feb 16 13:42:36 EST 2000

    Now I want to get my initrd running. I use the ramdisk demo "ramdisk.image.gz" under
arch/ppc/mbxboot and compile my zvmlinux.initrd.
    The target boots correctly at the beginning. It decompresses the kernel and runs the kernel and
shows the boot messages. When all is done, it begins to mount root filesystem (on Ramdisk), and shows
the following messages:
        RAMDISK:Compressed image found at block 0
        VFS:Mounted root (ext2 filesystem)
         Freeing unused kernel memory:28k init
Then nothing happen.
At this time it should show the shell prompt. But I don't know why it didn't show. And I couldnot input
any character.
Cross-compile environment:
[binutils-        egcs-1.1.2           glibc-2.1(including crypt, linuxthreads)]
I cross-compile my kernel under the above environment.
Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Thank in advance

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