On-Chip-Debugging for MPC 860 ?

Tobias Otto-Adamczak Tobias.Otto-Adamczak at e-technik.tu-chemnitz.de
Fri Feb 11 22:44:18 EST 2000

Hi everyone,
I am new to this whole stuff. I'm a student working on diploma thesis.

My goal is to have linux running on MBX board -WITHOUT- EPPC-Bug, booting
diskless out of the flash-ROM and having a ramdisk and a flash-filesystem.

I use a intel-linux-host and some days before got some LinuxPPC tools from
Wolfgang Denk including working GNU cross-compiler and root filesystem
which seem to be really helpful.

I will need some help in the next months ... My first question is:

How to make use of MPC's BDM (with a linux host), if possible via GDB ?
I know that I need an adapter cable for the parallel port.
Actually I have three of them:

* a so-called "EBDI-Lite" from Motorola
* a "CPU32"-cable which was used for debugging the 68360 with GDB
* a very simple cable according to the suggestions of sergey drashnikov
(found in graham stoneys mailing from Jan 27th, which I found really
helpful. Graham, what is the URL for your HOWTO ?)

I also know that I need some patches for the GDB. I have tested two
variants so far:

* Patches working for 68360 from Greg Ungerer. They look professional but
there is no support for the 860 BDM, maybe I could adopt them.
* Patches from Sergey Drashnikov for 860 who are very "quick and
dirty" and didn't work out of the box (he tested under FreeBSD only).

What would you suggest to do ? Is there any "ready-to-use"-solution ? I
know that there are some commercial tools for Windows (Metrowerks, EST)
but what about linux ?  I thought about adopting the GDB-BDM patches for
360 to 860, but I cannot evaluate how much work it is.

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

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