Linux w/ Motorola 860ADS target

Magnus Damm damm at
Fri Feb 11 04:54:58 EST 2000

"Todd_Tomaino" wrote:
> Hello,


> I am brand new to Linux as well as the list.  I am interested in using
> Linux with the 860ADS demo board as a target.

That is a pretty good board. But watch out for the ZIF socket!
I've got two boards: One PILOT and one REV-B. Only the REV-B works.

> Could anyone suggest a
> version of Linux that is well suited for this purpose.

That version has not much ADS860 support, but I've made a patch
that is floating around. Check previous messages!

You also need to apply a low-memory patch if you
want to be able to do something.
Check the archives there too.

This site has info about booting and stuff.

You will probably need 8xxrom to boot your board.

> Also, drivers for
> the PCMCIA interface would be a real plus.

Well, that's me!

I am actually running Linux on a ADS860 right now, trying out
my PCMCIA socket driver for the mpc8xx series.

Most things work, but I have not released the driver yet.
I plan doing so next week or so.

The driver will be as a patch against David Hinds pcmcia-cs package.

> In looking around under the
> search criteria for "Linux PPC" I am seeing versions such as Black Lab,
> Yellow Dog, Debian, etc.  These appear to be geared more towards desktop
> power pc units.  Is it possible to use one of these for an embedded
> application??

If you patch and replace glibc it should be possible.
You probably need heaps of memory, though.

We crosscompile the programs we need.

Good luck /


> best regards,
> Todd

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