Converting vmlinux.initrd to S-RECORD

Sebastien Articlaux sebastien_articlaux at
Thu Feb 10 01:59:05 EST 2000

I've just read a message posted by Dan in november.
He said that he would post in a prog
to convert file into S-Records.

He wrote:
The program just strips the 64K ELF header and
converts the rest of the file into S-Records.  You can
use -h to include the header, in case the file isn't
ELF and you want the header.  You can use -s to
specify a different (hex) start address for the

I think I need it to resolve my problem...
But I don't found it, do you know where it is?
Or do you have it? or a similar program?

Thank you very much for your reply.


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