[Looking for the PPC gdb debug stubs]

William A.Gatliff bgat at usa.net
Mon Feb 7 13:32:48 EST 2000


> In your 9/99 article in Embedded Systems Programming, you hint
> about the Power PC gdb debug stubs being in progress.  Can you
> provide with any details like:
> - Is the effort complete?

Actually, the "port" was my sending a copy of the SH-2 stub to someone who was
working on PPC.  They promised to port it and return, but I never heard back
from them.

> - If so, where can I find the PPC gdb debug stubs?

You can now find the complete SH-2 stub at www.sourceforge.net.  Do a search
for "gdbstubs".

It's a complete rewrite from the ESP days, designed for more portability.

If you're familiar with the PPC, then you could always do the port yourself.
eCos has a stub as well, and it shouldn't be too hard to meld it into my
sources.  I don't have any PPC hardware, though, so I'm understandably wary of
trying to offer much help with the hardware-specific stuff.  If I had the
hardware, though...


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