Linux PPC on Sandpoint or YellowKnife board with 750

Dan Malek dan at
Sat Feb 5 11:45:09 EST 2000

Olivier DERVYN wrote:

> What is your dev. platform (compiler, JTAG probe and board architecture)
> ?

All of my development hosts are Macintosh (iMac, iMac DV,
PowerBook, G4 server) running Linux/PPC.

No JTAG or BDM necessary as I am using the ROM on the board (DINK).

> What kind of problem stop you ?

Time and money.

> I have two sandpoint one with 750+107 and other with 8240, which is your
> board ?


> Do you have used other OS on this board ? (as RTOS or other)


Motorola gave me the 8240/Sandpoint to develop the kernel.  I
spent a few weeks of my own time, have a system booting with
root NFS (PCI Ethernet), ran Apache and some other tests.  I
never had the 8259 interrupts working correctly with the
OpenPIC on the 8240.  I gave the code to MontaVista to continue
the development.  Depending upon the time available, I will either
check in what I have or wait for MontaVista to fix it and then
check it in.

The problem with the Sandpoint is we need a better boot rom
to support Linux/PPC.  Their standard DINK only supports S-record
download over the serial port.

	-- Dan

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