mpc8xx-2.2.13 kernel hangs during boot.

Brendan John Simon Brendan.Simon at
Wed Feb 2 10:09:11 EST 2000

Dan Malek wrote:

> Brendan John Simon wrote:
> > Sorry about my ignornace but why can't I use the address range
> > 0x80000000-0xBFFFFFFF for my peripherals ?
> > Is 0xC0000000-0xFFFFFFFF ok ?  What address range would be recommended ?
> I posted this before.....I hope this matches previous messages :-).
> If you map (i.e. ioremap()) physical memory prior to the
> kernel VM initialization, the mapping is 1:1 virtual to physical.
> This happens in mm/init.c for things like the IMMR and some
> other board control registers.  In this case, mapping below
> something like 0xd0000000 causes problems with VM collision in
> kernel or user process space.
> After the kernel VM is initialized, you can ioremap() any
> physical space, as the mapping isn't 1:1.

The memory controller is setup in my boot loader.  It knows nothing about VMA, only
I currently have CS0 mapped to 0xFF800000 for flash, CS1/2 mapped to 0x00000000 and
CS4 to 0x80000000 for DRAM.
Both Dan and Wolfgang have suggested that all peripherals should be at 0xD0000000
and above.  I am happy with this but am not sure what the DRAM address should be.
Should I map CS1 and CS2 to 0x00000000 or 0xC0000000 ?

I have not changed any code in the linux source tree with regards to memory
mapping.  ie. not use of ioremap as I do not use any of the peripherals yet.  I've
got a very vague idea of what ioremap() does and will read more on it.  I sounds
like I will probably need it to access my peripherals from within linux.  Is this
correct ?

> At this stage, nothing beats a simple rom monitor that can display
> memory after a processor reset.

I'll look into adding this support to my bootloader.

Brendan Simon.

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