mpc8xx-2.2.13: Now booting the kernel

Nicolas-Peter Pohland pohland at
Wed Feb 2 06:33:13 EST 2000

Brendan J Simon wrote:
> LiuTao wrote:
> > Hi Brendan:
> >
> > mpc8xx-2.2.13 still doesn't run on my board. I use emulator(EST tool)
> > to debug the system through JTAG port. I download the zImage to the
> > board, then run it. Something displayed on serial port:
> > loaded at:     00800000 0080B1C8
> > board data at: 00800158 00800180
> > relocated to:  007F0100 007F0128
> > zimage at:     00830263 0088A2B1
> > avail ram:     0088B000 01000000
> >
> > Linux/PPC load:
> > Uncompressing Linux...done.
> > Now booting the kernel
> >
> > Now, the program has unziped the image section(vmlinux) to 0x0,
> > then jump to 0x0 to enter the linux kernel. Then the program
> > call identify_machine() in head.S. Here, the problem happened.
> > Because the content in location of identify_machine() is not
> > correct. I don't know the reason. Maybe unzip has problem?
> > I sent help main to the maillist, but nobody give me any
> > suggestions.
> > My board is customed too. What kind of debug tool are you using
> > to debug linux on your board?

Hi guys,

I do not have the original message so pardon me for responding to this
I had a similar problem at this location:

1. There were different versions of where the uncompressed kernel is
started from.
Once it was done directly from address 0 and the other time the content
location 0 was used. Make sure the arch/ppc/kernel and arch/ppc/mbxboot
match regarding this point.

2. Make sure that the DER reg is set to 0 when using an emulator.
an ADI board for the FADS. For example "rms der 0".

I hope this helps,

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