Download timeout problems on Embedded Planet CLLF (was Patch for zsrec.c)

Dan Malek dan at
Tue Feb 1 18:20:24 EST 2000

Graham Stoney wrote:

> ....... but I'm having no end of
> trouble with the download timeouts

There is some trouble with large downloads and high network
traffic.  I don't know exactly the trouble, but Embedded Planet
is working to correct this.  I have discussed it with them, and
probably bypassed their normal technical support channel so the
person that answered the phone or replied to your e-mail may not
see any problem report.......

I get around this two ways.  First, split the download into
smaller pieces.  Second, modify a Linux/PPC kernel to only
use the first 4 Mbytes of memory, put it into the flash rom,
write a program to copy a file from the (NFS) file system into
mmap()'ed physical memory, and modify the kernel restart
function so a reboot with the appropriate parameters jumps to
this new code.

	-- Dan

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