Download timeout problems on Embedded Planet CLLF (was Patch for zsrec.c)

Matthew Locke mlocke at
Tue Feb 1 12:13:28 EST 2000

> Are other people also having problems with download timeouts on
> Embedded Planet
> boards? (or even if you're not, I'd love to hear what you're
> doing different).

I assume you mean using tftp.  If so ...
I have had the download timeout problems.  It is not related (directly) to
the EP boards.  It is more of a tftp issue.  If there is alot of network
traffic, tftp might not receive its packets in time.  If you have a large
file with alot of network traffic, it defintely will timeout.  I worked
around these issues by isolating the EP and host from the other network
traffic and/or splitting the srec file into smaller parts.

PS: we are working on a ELF binary dnload capabiltiy, watch EPs website next
month.  That will speed up the dnload.

Matthew Locke
Senior Software Engineer
Embedded Planet

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