MPC8260 boards with Linux support ?

diekema_jon diekema at
Thu Aug 31 23:02:22 EST 2000

> Can anyone suggest an 8260 development board that is supported by the
> Linux/PPC kernels.


> Does the 2.2.X series support 8260 or would I have to go to the
2.3.X or > 2.4 series ?

You need to run the 2.4.x kernel to get the latest support.  I have
2.4.0-test7 runing on the SBC8260, but 2.4.0-test8-pre1 panics during
startup.  I have been getting my kernels from the Linux/PPC BitKeeper
Repository at FSMLabs (

For a nice packaged solution, I would go to MontaVista
( and get the Linux Support Package from the
CDK version 1.2 ( for the SBC8260.

Look for *sbc8260*

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