Problems building cross environment.

Cal Erickson cal_erickson at
Thu Aug 31 01:39:55 EST 2000

Take a look at the MontaVista Web site. We have a full
development environment with cross development
tools all ready built. You can load it down from the
site for free. The source is also available. The address


Seong-kyu Ko wrote:

> Hi all.
> First, I'm sorry for my weak English.
> These days, I try to build cross environment, host is i386 and target is
> powerpc, MPC860.
> yeah, I have some problems and many people help me.
> So I so thanks to your replies.
> But, I fail to build cross environment.
> So I want to know, are there anyone who build cross environment?
> If you built cross environment before please tell me.
> And if it's possible, please tell me what sources you use and
> how can you build - what options? ,modify sources?
> If there will be no one who built cross environment, I'll give up.
> I'll wait your answer.
> Thank you.

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