Linux on Motorola Sandpoint/PPMC7400

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Hi, Mark!

On Mon, Aug 28, 2000 at 04:14:32PM -0700, you wrote the following:

> > I've seen that Hard Hat Linux supports the Sandpoint board with
> > MPC8240 and MPC755. We have a 7400 processor there though. Does anyone
> > have any experience with this configuration? Can Linux run on it?
> >
> > Also, is there anything special I should know about booting Linux from
> > dink32? Here's what I did, and how it failed. I got the latest kernel
> > snapshot from fsmlabs (I tried the same with both the latest 2.2 and
> > 2.3 trees).
> If you want to use Hard Hat Linux on the Sandpoint, you need to get it from
> Monta Vista's CDK 1.2.  The LSP (Linux Support Package) you're looking for is
> sp8240 (for Sanpoint 8240--also works with a 755/107 combo).  You can find it
> online at

I downloaded the kernel and tried it. It starts booting, but it hangs
right after initializing the the OpenPIC. :-( I'll download the source
code tonight and try to look at it, although I don't have much hopes
-- I've never done kernel hacking at that level. At some point you
gotta learn though.

Is there any book that you recommend to get me started? Any other

> I haven't tested with a 7400 but it should be fairly close if it doesn't work
> right out of the box.  That is, work without altivec.  I don't know what's
> involved to use the altivec support in Linux.

In most kernels I've seen (fsmlabs', and I think yours too) there was
a CONFIG_ALTIVEC option. What does it do?

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