Problems of the corss-compiler.

Ralph Blach rcblach at
Tue Aug 29 04:25:46 EST 2000

Seong-kyu Ko,

You might want to let us know what platform you are running on?.

I myself am very partial to the montavista tool chain.  It seems rock
and they have the bash shell and other stuff already compiled.


Seong-kyu Ko wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> First, I'm sorry for my weak English.

> Well, Now I build a powerpc cross-compiler.
> so I compiled some binary using that cross-compiler, but
> I have some problems.
> I think cross-compiler is not problem.
> because I compile kernel with that cross-compiler, and
> kernel runs good.
> but, init, shell etc thease binaries have some problems.
> shell cant recieve argument, and some binaries print 'segmentation fault'
> I don't know why my compiler can't compile well.
> These are the packages that I used.
> 1. binutils-2.10
> 2. gcc-2.95.2
> 3. glibc-2.1.3 (add-ons : glibc-crypt-2.1, glibc-linuxthreads-2.1.3)
> First, I compile the binutils for powerpc cpu.
> Second, I build cross compiler with gcc.
> Third, I compile glibc for powerpc with cross compiler that I made.
> Last, I re-build cross compiler include glibc for library.
> Please tell me what do you think about that And why the problem happen.
> I'll wait your answers.
> thank you.
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