Doc/Serial problems in HHL 1.2?

Joe Green jgreen at
Sat Aug 19 01:02:54 EST 2000

Joe Green writes:
> I don't think we have an 860CLLF LSP, ...

On Thu, 17 Aug 2000, Graham Stoney wrote:
> Umm, I think you do in 1.2:
>     hhl-ppc_8xx-cllf-lsp-2.2.14-1.2.2-3.noarch.rpm
>     hhl-ppc_8xx-cllf-lsp-binaries-2.2.14-1.2.2-3.noarch.rpm

On Thu, 17 Aug 2000, Dan Malek wrote:
> Yes, there is a LSP for the 860 CLLF.  It is called:
> 	hhl-ppc_8xx-cllf-lsp-2.2.14-1.2.2-3.noarch.rpm

You're both right, of course.  I just did a quick search for 860, which
missed it.  Sorry for the misinformation.

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