Doc/Serial problems in HHL 1.2?

M. Tim Jones mtj at
Fri Aug 18 10:50:41 EST 2000

Graham Stoney wrote:

> Joe Green writes:
> > I don't think we have an 860CLLF LSP, ...
> Umm, I think you do in 1.2:
>     hhl-ppc_8xx-cllf-lsp-2.2.14-1.2.2-3.noarch.rpm
>     hhl-ppc_8xx-cllf-lsp-binaries-2.2.14-1.2.2-3.noarch.rpm
> Regards,
> Graham

This is what I'm using, but the kernel still crashes in
my_console_write.  I'm about to do a fresh install on a node that's
never hosted the HHL distro (since my current host has both 1.0 and 1.1
on it and I want to rule out any conflicts).


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