Doc/Serial problems in HHL 1.2?

M. Tim Jones mtj at
Thu Aug 17 17:47:00 EST 2000


I've just installed the HHL 1.2 CD and I've run into a couple of

After installing the 1.2 CD, the 'make' would not work without studying
the Makefile and then adding a couple of files (.hhl_target_cpu and
.hhl_cross_compile).  After putting these in, the compile began but then
failed at math-emu (it no longer exists in the 1.2 subdirectory tree).
Are the .hhl* files created automatically somewhere?  Upon removing the
Math Emulation configuration item, the build continued.

Finally, the kernel built for the 860CLLF consistently results in a Bad
Trap in my_console_write.  It appears that the uart.c file (where
my_console_write resides) has undergone major surgery.

Any idea what's up?



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