problems w/ CT69000

Adrian Cox apc at
Thu Aug 17 00:21:08 EST 2000

Topi Kanerva wrote:

> I'm addressing you folks at ppc-embedded because frankly, I don't know how
> to find any relevant info on this issue. We are developing a single-board
> solution with a CT69000 display controller.

Me too (well, a CT69030). I'm actually using a framebuffer driver for
the chip, rather than the Xserver.

If you're trying the chip on an Intel platfrom, a good first place to
look is Thomas Hhenleitner's driver:

I've been working on my own 69030 driver, and at some point hope to
merge this with Thomas' driver, and possibly with the existing CT65554
driver in the kernel.

- Adrian Cox, AG Electronics

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