Journeyman configure/build options for gcc & glibc?

Graham Stoney greyham at
Tue Aug 15 17:37:50 EST 2000

I thought I had the whole soft-float thing on 8xx worked out long ago, until I
upgraded our root filesystem to the one from MontaVista's Journeyman kit, and
found that my (which my binaries work when linked against)
doesn't work in place of the Journeyman  It's the usual
symptom: A simple floating-point printf gives the wrong answer.

So, my question: what configure options were used to build the gcc-2.95.2 &
glibc-2.1.2 in Journeyman?  In particular:

- Did the gcc configure include "-with-cpu=860" (or one of the other cpus's
  to make -msoft-float the default).

- Has the gcc specs file been hacked to pass -D_SOFT_FLOAT in the absence of
  -mhard-float (note that -mcpu=860 won't do this by default in gcc-2.95.2)

- Was CFLAGS set to include -msoft-float before building glibc?

- Any other suggestions :-(

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