QSLinux is Released

Daris A Nevil dnevil at snmc.com
Fri Aug 11 03:26:20 EST 2000

I am happy to announce the release of QuickStack Linux.  This version
of Linux is based on the PPC 2.2.5 kernel.  It has been heavily modified
over the past year, and has been targeted specifically to our
MPC850-based product (see QS850 at http://www.snmc.com/products.html).

QSLinux includes many enhanced features for embedded systems:

 * Subsystem for configuring and controlling I/O pins (qspin)
 * Hardware Watchdog support
 * Flash Filesystem (layered under Ext2FS)
 * Compressed Ext2FS (e2compr)
 * HDLC/PPP Driver
 * ATM Utopia Network Driver (AAL5/IP)
 * Multiple serial consoles
 * Much, much more

The source code and nfs root directories are located at:


On-line documentation for QSLinux can be accessed at:


Daris A Nevil


Daris A Nevil
Simple Network Magic Corporation
401 Kentucky Lane
McKinney, TX 75069
dnevil at snmc.com

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