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Fri Aug 11 01:17:30 EST 2000


I'm posting a modified version of Linuxflash. This program is used to
program onboard flash on PPC based embedded boards.

I believe that the original version was written by somebody on this list
(Dan Malek?) and then heavily modified. Since I cannot find any references
to Linuxflash on and I'm posting it here in the hope to find the
original maintainer.

If anybody can give me the original version I could review the
modifications and post a diff with only "progressive" changes.

The problems fixed by me:

1) The size of flash is not taken from a table. Memory is allocated to the
boundary where the firmware begins. This way, you can program as much as
you want as long as the flash is there and you don't overwrite the

2) Much more sanity checks. No attempts are made to recover from hardware
problems. Any suspicious behaviour causes error message and immediate

3) Added support for L800BB90VC chips.

4) Most error messages modified to be more informative.

5) Fixed all compiler warnings.

To sum up, the old version would often fail silently or give useless error
messages like "Unknown Flash Type -2".

I'm not sure if Linuxflash is the right name. Porting to NetBSD should be
trivial. I'll be grateful if anybody gives me pointers to any existing
software for programming flash.

Pavel Roskin
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